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Back in the early days of the internet, Jeff Scherer was recruited by a Fortune 500 automotive retail group to help launch the first formal undertaking to sell cars online." Despite the skepticism and overwhelming belief from the old-school managers that "no one will ever buy a car online," the team prevailed mightily and started a change in the way people purchased vehicles.

Part of this early pioneering allowed for development and testing of a myriad of (then) new technologies such as inventory feeds, e-mail lead response, and maybe most importantly, call tracking.

Armed with the internet and an email address, consumers were now able to shop for their next vehicle online, from the comfort of their homes. This was revolutionary. They were no longer required to go do the (sometimes uncomfortable) 'dealer dance' on the dealer's lot. 


Websites now showcased available inventory and allowed buyers to ask specific questions via e-mail or the phone. Again, since electronic communication was not yet really understood, many opted instead to place a call. As such, dealers now needed ways to keep track and manage this new breed of callers and e-mailers instead of the sticky notes they had been using. Hence the birth of Call Tracking and lead management systems.

After a few successful years honing the online purchase process (for what is now the largest automotive dealership group), Mr. Scherer left to help architect a similar scaled online marketing process with the largest marine dealership group. Call Tracking was also brought in and positioned as a cornerstone of that initiative.   

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